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Cartoon Me by DomoDC Cartoon Me :icondomodc:DomoDC 8 27
which of these r the best? :dummy:
Yep, the Aliens are Here
Rainbow Clouds
Color Kitteh
Big Eyes
White Duck
:iconagent-locke:Agent-Locke 1 2
Smeet-Zim by InvaderSleenk Smeet-Zim :iconinvadersleenk:InvaderSleenk 8 1
Oh god I'm scared.
OHP is having a... I don't know what to call it. A contest? I don't think it's really a contest. Anyway, if we get to however many members in a week, the Control Brains will be forced to sing on webcam.
This means I will be forced to sing on webcam.
I don't know why I went along with this idea in the first place.
I'm not really a bad singer — I don't think — but singing is one of those things I have no confidence about. Singing and posting it on the Internet? Even worse.
And we're definitely going to hit however many members we needed or whatever. Excuse me while I go and shiver in a corner.
:iconinvadersleenk:InvaderSleenk 1 9
Wheatley Stamp by JaybieJarrett Wheatley Stamp :iconjaybiejarrett:JaybieJarrett 797 186 P2 - On the Blink by SpinningStarshine P2 - On the Blink :iconspinningstarshine:SpinningStarshine 87 11 P2 - Boxes. With Legs. by SpinningStarshine P2 - Boxes. With Legs. :iconspinningstarshine:SpinningStarshine 422 18 IZ - It's fun by MKLier IZ - It's fun :iconmklier:MKLier 698 109
Winnie the Pooh
Dude..... I laughed more in this movie then in the Hangover.... or pretty much any other legit comedy I can think of that I have seen.
LEGIT Me and my best friend were in TEARS the first 6 minutes of the film.
The animation was BREATHTAKING, it was so amazing seeing the talented animation of Andreas Deja and other such classic Disney animators bringing to life the characters who made up so much of my childhood.
The ONLY thing I can POSSIBLY think that is wrong with the film is that it is very short, but ya know what, it lets nothing lag, its straightforward VERY funny and creative and just FULL of childhood innocence.
I Highly recommend it.
its a 100% feel good film.
:iconvivzmind:VivzMind 3 46
NYAN CAT INVASION by Kickin-it-old-skool NYAN CAT INVASION :iconkickin-it-old-skool:Kickin-it-old-skool 4 7 ZombiesVSFruit - FLASH GAME by MenInASuitcase ZombiesVSFruit - FLASH GAME :iconmeninasuitcase:MenInASuitcase 225 137 Chibi Prizes 1-3 by Sunny-Winter-Star Chibi Prizes 1-3 :iconsunny-winter-star:Sunny-Winter-Star 155 44 Tiger by Agent-Locke Tiger :iconagent-locke:Agent-Locke 0 0
Browse through my many faves of :iconjackolanternplz: :icondemongoplz: :iconbunbunplz: and more! ...

Newest Deviations

The Cake is a LIE by Prettydog200 The Cake is a LIE :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 8 28 OCT Round 1: Brink of Defeat by Prettydog200 OCT Round 1: Brink of Defeat :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 3 5 Red Headed Buddies of DOOM by Prettydog200 Red Headed Buddies of DOOM :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 2 8
Chapter 1: Final Moments
The most unexplainable thing on Earth  that has ever happened started on a clear peaceful Halloween night on the surface world. Well, it wasn't entirely peaceful; There were kids running around while hunting with their sweet tooth's craving for the one thing in the world that would satisfy their hunger--candy. Unknown to the Trick-or-Treaters though, in the next hour, the whole concept of Trick-or-Treating would be completely reversed.
Deep within the bowels of the Underworld, hundreds of candy troopers, tanks, ice cream catapults, flying peppermints, and a marshmallow bunny stood by a secluded field barely filled with any trees (or in this case, lollipops) or hills. Some soldiers swiped a good glance at the purple sky while others stared at the ground. No matter what they were looking at, it was quite obvious what they all were actually doing. They were waiting.
"All right!" the marshmallow rabbit barked, grabbing the attention of his massive
:iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 4 3
YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT webcam by Prettydog200 YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT webcam :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 47 87 CHRISTMAS IN JUNE? by Prettydog200 CHRISTMAS IN JUNE? :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 8 25 +WHO WANTS 2 SEE HER COLORED?+ by Prettydog200 +WHO WANTS 2 SEE HER COLORED?+ :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 2 2
Dedication – For Bloodthornreaper
I stare at it.
It stares back.
I make a face at it.
It doesn't make a look.
I pick at it and toss it around.
It doesn't even make a sound.
I force myself to put it out of its misery.
But, it doesn't even move a muscle.
I feel like an ungrateful brat.
It feels like a lonely rejected soul.
I want to finish it
It wants to be finished.
Only one thing to do,
Feed it to the dogs!
:iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 1 46
Another Person by Prettydog200 Another Person :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 1 9 The Girl by Prettydog200 The Girl :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 1 8 A Rougie?....FOR MEH? :D by Prettydog200 A Rougie?....FOR MEH? :D :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 4 2
Break Up
There she is.
All dressed like the sea.
She smiles and curtsies among her peers.
But with me, she looks away and ignores.
Typical. It's the same with everyone.
Or is it?
At first, it's a sunny day. Strolling in the soft sand.
Everything is perfect. Or was…
Nothing can ever last forever.
A trip is a trip. A fall is a fall. Pain is pain.
The ocean stirs among shore. Gray clouds come with vengeance.
She marks landfall. Trees begin to topple.
My fault, or is she getting hysterical?
I beg for sense to come. Nothing passes.
Everything I once knew, now gone.
She leaves nonchalantly. Like nothing had ever happened.
She left a path of destruction. Everything ruined.
Everything has recovered now.
But, the scar in my heart, forever remains
:iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 1 17
OC's by Prettydog200 OC's :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 5 9 DanxSara - Geomatric luv :3 by Prettydog200 DanxSara - Geomatric luv :3 :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 2 8 Cheer Up why don't cha? by Prettydog200 Cheer Up why don't cha? :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 4 19 DanXSara Decorating the Tree by Prettydog200 DanXSara Decorating the Tree :iconprettydog200:Prettydog200 0 5
Look it's art! :dummy:

It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008:icondontlikeplz::icondontlikeyplz:

Cuz I'm awesome like that! :meow:



The answer is... we don't.

I'd like to thank you guys for the birthday wishes! I honestly didn't expect anyone to remember me, really. I'd like to say that I've moved on to Portal Breach, but I keep winding up back here for some reason. xD

Anyway, I just can't believe how long it's been. I made this account when I first started middle school and now I'm in high school! Things haven't changed that much except for the homework and the fact that if I'm not at school, I'm either

1) Doing Community Service
2) Rehearsing or Putting on Plays
3) RPing on Portal Breach
4) On Skype

I play two characters on that site now. I play both Bun-Bun and Fluttershy, who balances out Bun-Bun very nicely if I do say so myself~! :heart:

Being an asshole is too much hardwork!

I hope you guys are doing okay without me. I don't go on dA as often as I used to, but you can still always find me on Skype. It's the same username as the one on here so I'm easy to find. My avatar on there is this adorable icon of Rainbow Dash so you can't miss it. xD

Peace, Love, or BAHAMA MAMAS~! :heart:

I :heart: you guys! :iconheartemote:
  • Listening to: My iPod
  • Reading: I'm King of The Castle
  • Watching: Disney's Bonkers
  • Playing: Portal Breach
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: MILK!


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